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We are a tax exempt, public charity that has been helping to coordinate events for organizations that work in the
public interest, since 1974. We focus on supporting grass roots activities, with education, outreach, networking and
funding, in the areas of the environment and wildlife, social change, peace with justice, energy and a non nuclear future.
Thank you for supporting the work of the Guacamole Fund 
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Thanks to all, the Holiday grab bags sale has ended.  We will get new ones up before the new year! 

Our 40th Anniversary! -  For our next poster, enter to win a Very special benefit concert poster signed by Crosby Stills Nash & Young! - We are pleased to announce our donation drive for very special historical posters. 

Lotta Love, the CSN Family School, Hurricane Relief, Womens Right to Vote, Friends of Washington Prep Foundation, the Gathering of the Clan, Vote Solar, the Brentwood School, the Bonnie Raitt Guacamole Fund benefit, the Jackson Browne Stop Diablo Canyon, Voters for Choice, the Raitt Family Concert for the Forest and Jackson's Concert for Westwood School benefit concert posters -- Congratulations to the winners Charlie Huntley, Mary Van Voorhis, Sarah Pallas, Stephen Vincent, William Hannell and Wendy Wendlandt, Laura Petticord and Catherine Bennett Debra Mansir & Stephen Vincent and Liberty Godshall & Carol Semple, and Allan Skoropa, Chris Miles & Peter Wimberg, Kristine Bellino & James Brittingham, Salvatore Dickinson and Roger Ray - and Melinda Armacost and Stephen Vincent! 

Jackson Browne: Guac Fund Benefit Tickets - Crosby Stills & Nash: 2014 - Thanks everyone!   

Guacamole 40th Anniversary
Celebrating our 40th year of doing environmental, social change, cultural, and service events, while fundraising and publicizing organizations that work in the public interest.
 Guacamole Fund 2013 Organization Grantees
Click to view the US Solar Map (c) LaTimes 2014
LA Times: Rules prevent solar panels in many states with abundant sunlight
Crosby Stills Nash & Young Benefit Concert Poster
Lotta Love Benefit Concert Poster, all the performers
A Special Benefit Concert with Jackson Browne, Bonnie Raitt and Bruce Springsteen
CSN, Bonnie Raitt, Jackson Browne, Jimmy Buffett, the Pahinui Brothers - 1992 Hurricane Relief  
Jackson Browne A Benefit Concert for Westland School 
The Raitt Family Concert for the Redwoods Forest
Voters for Choice Benefit Concert
Jackson Browne Stop Diablo Canyon
Bonnie Raitt Guacamole Fund Benefit
Brentwood School Benefit
Vote Solar 
Benefit Concert
Gathering of the Clan Benefit
Friends of Washington Benefit Concert
The Right of 
Women to Vote
Benefit Concert for Hurricane Relief
CSN Family School Benefit Concert 
Lotta Love Benefit Concert Poster
Readings/Action: New Report Exposes Nuclear Power Agenda to Block Climate Action, Stop Renewables & Subsidize Old Reactors 

Indiana Court of Appeals: State utility regulators wrongly approved $61 million in ratepayer fees for the Edwardsport coal gasification plant 

Worsening cracking in NW Ohio Davis-Besse reactor containment -  Families of Fukushima - Stop the Great Lakes Nuclear Dump 

Help to Give Mexican Gray Wolves a Future - Center for Biological Diversity: 2814 Wolves killed in less than four years 

Reprieve for Washington's Huckleberry Wolf Pack - Thank you 

Spent Fuel Dumping at SRS Opposed by German Parliamentarian 

Regulators urged to close state’s last nuclear plant  

SRS MOX Contractor Requests 10-Year Construction License Extension 

Update: Washington's Wolves 

Victory for the Alliance at the California Public Utilities Commission - Decision in PG&E’s General Rate Case 

Help Washington's Wolves 

Statement of NIRS on the Nuclear Regulatory Commission Vote on Radioactive Waste 

LA Times: Diablo Canyon Safety - Regulators urged to close state’s last nuclear plant  

Pacific Bluefin Tuna - Take action 

Stop the War on Wolves in the Western Great Lakes 

Victory for Florida Panthers: State DEP revokes oil driller's permits, files suit 

Sierra Club: Exxon vs. whales and otters - Raise your voice today 

The Alliance for Nuclear Responsibility  

Citizens’ Guide to Commenting on Cleanup Plans for Hanford’s F Reactor Area Along the Columbia River  

34 Groups to President Obama: NRC Commissioner Magwood Must Go 

The 'Golden Rule' will sail again: Restoration work continues on the original peace boat that inspired a generation of activists 

Drinking water is at risk. Click here to tell the U.S. EPA to ensure all of our streams and wetlands are protected 

Buffalo Field Campaign 

Wolves in California Protected Under State Endangered Species Act 

Center for Biological Diversity - Help Protect Wolves in California - 11th Hour for Wolves - Sierra Club  

Principles for Safeguarding Nuclear Waste at Reactors 

Diablo Canyon: Alliance for Nuclear Responsibility


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